Toddler and Duck

There have been lots of instances of bird and human beings having a friendly relationship. Recently, a friendship between a cute toddler and duck has attracted lots of people. Tyler Young, a lovely adorable, who lives in Magnolia town of Texas, has been always seen together with a duck called Bee. The toddler is 19 months old. The two became bonded after Bee was taken as an indoor pet in the last year. Tyler’s mother Jennifer said that Bee was a new addition to the other existing pet ducks in their home. As of now, her home has 11 ducks, including Bee.

Jennifer said that her husband found this duck when he went out to buy food for other ducks. She said that the duck quickly went to the side of Tyler as soon as it entered the home. The duck always climbed on his shoulder and was always near with the Tyler every time. Tyler was just nine months old at the time when the duck arrived in the home, and he took some time to understand what is happening. Both Bee and Tyler have been playing and watching television together. Jennifer says that Bee supervises when Tyler is in the bath, and also notifies when Tyler woke up in the morning. The relationship between the adorable toddler and duck has simply caught the interest of the neighborhood.