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One of the most common plumbing issues homeowners experience are clogged drains. It disrupts your daily life and can lead to more serious issues that cost a fortune. Let a professional plumbing company tackle those pesky drain issues so the water runs smoothly through your drain pipes.Why You Need Drain Cleaning?

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Drain cleanings allow for the full force of water to exit the pipes of your home as it enters sewage systems and septic tanks. Yet hair, food, FOG (fat, oil and grease), and foreign objects can get stuck inside your drain. This situation causes an obstruction that doesn’t allow water to pass through as the water can back up into your home, causing damage.What Happens During A Drain Cleaning?

A professional plumber will arrive at your residence and speak with you about the problem. Once gaining as much information as he can, the plumber will inspect the drain, visually trying to see if the clog in the drain is visible. Most drain clogs can be cleared out using a snake without taking apart the pipe.

If snaking the drain fails, or if a large amount of FOG is preventing water from passing through the pipe, water jetting may be used to clear out the obstruction. Repeated problems with slow or clogged drains could indicate a more serious problem. Camera/video pipe inspections will be used to see if there are problems with underground pipes as tree roots, broken pipes, or misaligned pipe joints could be causing the drain clog.Contact A Professional Plumber Immediately For Drain Cleanings

Stop buying expensive drain cleaners or cheap plumbing snakes that won’t get the job done. A professional plumber clears and cleans your drains the right way the first time. He can also identify other pipe problems that could lead to more serious issues, as you can make an informed decision in regards to plumbing repairs.Drain Cleaning Services ProvidedBathroom Drain Services: Clear clogs and obstructions in toilets, toilet drains, sink drains, bathtub drains and shower drains.Kitchen Drain Services: Clear out clogged and slow drains in kitchen sinks, garbage disposal drains, and dishwasher drains.Laundry Room/Basement Drain Services: Remove blocks from laundry tub drains and basement floor drains.Outdoor Drain Services: Remove clogs and blockages from outdoor drains, roof drains and stack drains.Emergency Plumbing Services: Provide emergency 24-hour drain cleanings to minimize water damage in the home from clogged drains and broken pipes.

Don’t ever expect a slow drain will clear out on its own. The clog will become worse until the pipe is completely blocked as it will require more costly repairs. Hire a professional plumber immediately to fix and clean your drains.

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Heating Furnace Services HVAC Contractors

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Has your heat recently stopped blowing warm air? This is the most common type of issue when it comes to home heating or furnaces. The reason a professional HVAC Company is called typically is because there are a wide range of issues that could be causing this all dependant on the type of unit installed (gas, electric, etc.). Things could range from loss of gas, broken starter, electronic malfunctions, loss of power and many other items.

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Furnace Repair
We always recommend to contact a local HVAC contractor to help our you find the best technician for the job. Reach out today and get your furnace or heat up and running!

Maintaining A Well Functioning Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is a type of furnace that focuses on using electricity to generate heat and air for a home. It can be very expensive at times on the electric bill but does offer more safety for your household in regards to a reduction of gases and leaks. As with all appliances, however, certain parts of the furnace may become faulty and lose efficiency over time. The steps below should be followed before every season to keep up proper working order of your electric unit as it ages.

1) Before any maintenance is done on your electric furnace, it is essential that the unit be completely powered down for a minimum of two hours. There will be a possibility that manipulation or changes of wires will be taking place and any live current as the heat or air conditioning unit goes on may cause a harmful shock to anyone working on the unit.

2) Once the unit is open and you are in the main electrical box, the first point of interest that needs to be examined is the electrical wires and parts. The main focus here is to look for any severed or charred wires or parts within the unit. When running, an electric furnace is using over 40% of the total energy of the house at a time. With that being said, the amount of current through these wires is at a maximum and a wire or part can burn out because of the over-abundance of electricity. Most cases of an electric furnace going bad will be based on a bad or burned out wire or part and once replaced, the unit should have no problems functioning effectively going forward.

3) Insufficient current or bad fuses in the electric furnace could be causing an issue as well. The wires themselves could be fine but the current going through them might be erratic which can cause the furnace to run below standards. Changing wires, such as above, can sometimes be a quick fix but it is best to consult with a licensed electrician or HVAC contractor if insufficient power is the issue at hand. Our Technicians can run tests on the wires and fuses of the device to figure voltage and repair if necessary. so what are you waiting on, do not try to fix these issues by your self. Call your local AC Company today.

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