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Has your heat recently stopped blowing warm air? This is the most common type of issue when it comes to home heating or furnaces. The reason a professional HVAC Company is called typically is because there are a wide range of issues that could be causing this all dependant on the type of unit installed (gas, electric, etc.). Things could range from loss of gas, broken starter, electronic malfunctions, loss of power and many other items.

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Furnace Repair
We always recommend to contact a local HVAC contractor to help our you find the best technician for the job. Reach out today and get your furnace or heat up and running!

Maintaining A Well Functioning Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is a type of furnace that focuses on using electricity to generate heat and air for a home. It can be very expensive at times on the electric bill but does offer more safety for your household in regards to a reduction of gases and leaks. As with all appliances, however, certain parts of the furnace may become faulty and lose efficiency over time. The steps below should be followed before every season to keep up proper working order of your electric unit as it ages.

1) Before any maintenance is done on your electric furnace, it is essential that the unit be completely powered down for a minimum of two hours. There will be a possibility that manipulation or changes of wires will be taking place and any live current as the heat or air conditioning unit goes on may cause a harmful shock to anyone working on the unit.

2) Once the unit is open and you are in the main electrical box, the first point of interest that needs to be examined is the electrical wires and parts. The main focus here is to look for any severed or charred wires or parts within the unit. When running, an electric furnace is using over 40% of the total energy of the house at a time. With that being said, the amount of current through these wires is at a maximum and a wire or part can burn out because of the over-abundance of electricity. Most cases of an electric furnace going bad will be based on a bad or burned out wire or part and once replaced, the unit should have no problems functioning effectively going forward.

3) Insufficient current or bad fuses in the electric furnace could be causing an issue as well. The wires themselves could be fine but the current going through them might be erratic which can cause the furnace to run below standards. Changing wires, such as above, can sometimes be a quick fix but it is best to consult with a licensed electrician or HVAC contractor if insufficient power is the issue at hand. Our Technicians can run tests on the wires and fuses of the device to figure voltage and repair if necessary. so what are you waiting on, do not try to fix these issues by your self. Call your local AC Company today.

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