Surprised on his Seventy Birthday

Little Oliver Sipes is a normal school grade boy planning big for his birthday. On his seventh birthday, he was surprised to see the cake, and he enjoyed eating it all. Oliver is a great fan of cakes. He is called as cake boss. Last night, he enjoyed the birthday celebrations with his family.

His family has got him a surprise which he could not forget for a lifetime. They have made his drawing into the cake. His imaginative and colorful drawing with swirls, stripes, and Star Wars characters was a big surprise to him. The cake was his imaginary drawing. He was excited, and he did not have words to say.

Oliver’s mom told that he did not know that it was coming, and he has not even asked for it. When he looked the cake at the first sight, he was surprised and delighted. He looked at the sides of the cake and lifted his face up. The moment was adorable. Oliver was so excited which he bent down and looked through the trap door.

His wild imagination has come into reality in the form of cake. It was the effort made his father and colleague and baking fanatic Alyvia Munos. They loved to take the challenge and made it possibly more than the expected manner.