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There are many tools on the internet that can help you track your seo optimisation results. But, when it comes to displaying the data in a convenient way, the problem appears. I will share the matrix that I use to track seo results and explain why it is handy to use this particular matrix.

Create a new Excel spreadsheet. First column will be the date, other columns are reserved for keywords. If you have many keywords (more than 5-6), you have two options: 1) If you like scrolling, just fix the date column and add as many seo keyword columns as you want or 2) Split keywords in groups and create spreadsheet for each of them. The second method is good to use when you have many keywords which can be grouped in categories according to some criteria. For example, you want to use geo-specific keywords for two types of products you sell. You would put “Car types London” and “Car tyres Paris” into one group, and “Car lights London” nad “Car lights Paris” into another group.

Next question is, why track the date? Google won’t change your ranking immediately – you’ll have to wait until it crawls and indexes your pages again. This fact makes tracking seoresults much more complicated. Results cannot be checked right away. Also, they must be checked periodically. The positions for each keyword are written in the matrix. My advice is to check only up to 5 pages and if your website is not there, write an “/” in the matrix. This way you can track the progress and see which actions led to improvements in rating. Also, it helps you predict the time frame for your seo optimisation process.

There is one more problem with seo results matrix – displaying results for more than one Google domain. The solution is to either write a slash between results in one field or to create separate Excel documents for each Google domain you want to check.

Good luck with your work!

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Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

If you are new to SEO, you can start with SEO analysis. We will analyze your current search engine positioning for you. You will get a report with the current state of your website and actions which need to be taken in order to improve your ranking.

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Analysis is free for your website only. If you also want to analyze your competitors’ websites, please contact us. Competitor analysis is free with any other service ordered. What does SEO analysis include? Domain analysis

Domain age has a great impact on SEO. Google believes that older sites have more authority and ranks them higher. Also, keyword in domain name boosts your ranking very much. Picking a good domain name can increase your chances of being number one in Google. Furthermore, local domains have better ranking on local Google domain. There is no doubt that domains can give you a great starting advantage and make SEO optimization easier, so pick them carefully.Crawler accessibility and robots.txt

The reason of bad SEO ranking is sometimes the inability of crawlers to access your website (or to view it properly). This could be due to incorrectly tweaked robots.txt file, meta no-follow tags. Invalid HTML can prevent crawlers from viewing your page properly. We analyze the accessibility because a few small tweaks can increase your ranking and you can achieve your goals at a lower cost.Duplicate content analysis

seo - search engine optimization

The problem with duplicate content happens often. You can access the folder on your website with or without slash. Your website can be accessed with or without www. Google considers these as two different links and two different domains. Thinking you are a spammer, your website gets penalized and you have lower rating. The solution is to either block one of the URLs, or to use canonical URLs.SEO friendly URLs

In PHP files, variables can be passed in URL. They are behind the quotation mark. Google has problems crawling these URLs and skips them often. Furthermore, these URLs don’t contain keyword. Making SEO friendly URLs can significantly increase your ranking and website visibility.Internal links

Search engine crawlers come to your website via links. If you want them to fetch all pages, you must have good internal linking. Additionally, a sitemap can be created to help the crawler find all the pages, thus increasing the efficiency of SEO optimization.External links analysis

This is very important aspect of SEO optimization. Google pays special attention to external links, so they affect your ranking even more than keywords. The value of external links depends on the page rank of the website that is linking to your website. Websites with higher page rank have higher link value than the ones with lower page rank. Also, the number of no-follow and do-follow is important for evaluating your current website state.Ajax, frames and javascript evaluation

Excessive use of these techniques could make your website inaccessible for crawlers. That is, crawlers cannot execute javascript, so any text loaded through AJAX cannot be fetched – making your SEO ranking lower. Frames are not taken into account as well, so be careful when using them.Social media presence

Social networks are very important nowadays. Facebook, Twitter and Digg are one of the most popular. We check the number of fans you have on Facebook and quality of interaction with them. Your page could even be optimized to target specific keywords, as Facebook pages tend to rank very high in Google. Number of likes and shares could be monitored with Google Analytics.

Twitter has different concept than Facebook. It is very useful for getting customer opinions and distributing information quickly. The number of tweets can also be tracked with Google Analytics.

Digg is a social linking website. It is a great way to promote your blog or media website. A decent number of users digging your link can increase your traffic.What SEO analysis does not include?

SEO analysis does not include any action that will actually optimize your website. Its purpose is to provide a starting point for SEO optimization, to state WHAT needs to be done, and not to actually do it. Analysis will be documented in a report, along with recommendations for improving your current ranking.

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Having your car stolen can be a scary thing. Many who have had their cars taken typically feel both angry and vulnerable, even to the point of feeling somewhat “violated”. If you don’t have insurance that covers the theft of a car when it happens, it can be equally as scary from a financial point of view. Contact us here
When you have comprehensive coverage on your car, your insurance company will help to replace your stolen car. While having this coverage is important, there are some ways that you can help prevent your car from being stolen as well, which may save you money on your car insurance rates in the long run. As they say, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

Tip 1: Use Common Sense – One of the best ways that you can prevent your car from being stolen is to use common sense and make sure that you lock your car doors whenever you leave your vehicle, regardless if it’s in a dark alley, a public place, or parked in your garage. Plain and simple, if you leave your doors unlocked all the time, you elevate the risk of your car being stolen. You should also be sure that you take your keys with you and never leave them in your car or anywhere else in public. Often just using these common sense precautions is enough to save you from car theft.

Tip 2: Get an Alarm – You can also help prevent car theft by installing some kind of warning device or alarm device in your car. Whether it is a visible device or an audible one, both can be good deterrents to anyone thinking about stealing your car. Usually alarms are fairly affordable, and it is definitely cheaper than trying to find a new car.

Tip 3: Use an Immobilizing Device – Another way to prevent your car from being stolen is to purchase some kind of immobilizing device to use in your car. There are a variety of different devices available, such as smart keys, kill switches, the Club, and fuel cut-offs. Many of these devices are relatively inexpensive and they are highly effective as well.

Tip 4: Install a Tracking Device – One of the newer ways to deter car thieves is to have a tracking device installed in your car. These devices are quite high tech, and they will alert you when someone is moving your car without authorization. Some of these tracking devices actually will notify the police when unauthorized movement is made as well. While these tend to be a bit more expensive than other methods, they can definitely be a great help if your car actually gets stolen.

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Even though you may have coverage on your car that will pay if it is stolen, taking preventive measures is much simpler and will help keep your car insurance rates down as well. Just taking the time to use common sense and employ the help of cheap devices can help keep your car from being stolen. While incorporating one of these tips is great, using all of them together can give you the best results when trying to protect your car from theft. » Make sure to follow this advice and keep your Car Insurance current!