learned in the Republican Debate
The Republican debate took place without Donald Trump. It was the seventh presidential debate and the first debate occurred without Donald Trump. Trump was seen in another event in Des Moines, Iowa.

The knives are in search for Ted Cruz, who is the Texas senator. He is polling after Trump in Iowa. Marco Rubio Florida senator told that campaign of Cruz was constructed on numerous lie that shifts its positions for votes.

The debate was a substantive event. Everything was present there in the event that includes body cameras for the police, Kim Davis, affairs of Bill Clinton, affairs of the veterans, Obamacare, Isis, immigration, Bridgegate, mental illness, Iran, Libya.

When they were talking about shifting the positions, the mediators tried to pin Rubio and Cruz on immigration.

learned in the Republican Debate1The absence of Trump was the first attack. For the majority of the candidates, the debate was the best outing ever. Jed Bush, who is the former Florida governor, was animated in such a way blaming Rubio for having the cut and run on the immigration. Ben Carson, who is a retired neurosurgeon, shared the memorable lines – Putin is known as one horse country: energy and oil.

The entire crowd was seen against Cruz. They were booing him while he tried to take more period from the moderators.

The candidates attacked Clinton and especially Chris Christie (New Jersey governor) was highlighted well when he tried to attack Clinton. Rubio told that he could not wait to run contrary to Hillary and Hillary is not willing to run opposite him.

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