Donald Trump Dominates the Debates

Donald Trump did not appear on the stage, but he dominated the debate and received a lot of attention from the media. His fundraising event was a hit, and it was organized for the veterans. Donald Trump has rallied about three miles to collect funds for veterans who have been wounded. The opposite parties of Donald Trump took advantage of his absence and tried to hammer him, but Trump was two steps ahead of them which he was seen mingling with the friendly crowd.

The debate was sponsored by the Google and Fox News. When the first question was raised to Ted Cruz replied in an earnest manner. He replied that he is a maniac and all people sitting on the stage are ugly, fat and stupid and pointed to Ben and told that he is a terrible surgeon. Megyn Kelly is the moderator of the debate. He asked Cruz about his opinions when found that Trump not presents on the stage. Kelly questioned in such a way pointing Trump as ‘elephant not present in the room.’

Donald Trump Dominates the Debates1

Cruz was in laughter and told that Donald Trump is out in his way. He thanked all men and women for showing up for the debate and the respect they have given to appear themselves in the debate.

The debate was almost over and about an hour later, the present governor of Florida _ Jed Bush was shouting at Trump for the way he treated the Muslims, the disabled and the disparaging women. He told that Trump takes the praise for standing as a leading billionaire businessman where his rivals were not. Bush told that he has mentioned the name clearly, and it was for people who missed the statement.

Trump was present on the other end of the city at the Drake University. He was spending among a large packed crowd where dozens of people were watching the event on the live stream.

The temperature was cold on the outside, and Trump was present at the event with people there. Trump told that the Fox News has ignored and treated in a disrespectful manner. He added that he even have several cameras that they have to do the best part.

The campaign of Trump was the best break the rule moment in his last series. Trump was welcomed and cheered by the supporters four days previously to the opening Iowa caucuses. There were seven members in the debate. They are John Kasich, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Carson (retired neurosurgeon), Rand Paul, Bush and Cruz.

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