learned in the Republican Debate
The Republican debate took place without Donald Trump. It was the seventh presidential debate and the first debate occurred without Donald Trump. Trump was seen in another event in Des Moines, Iowa.

The knives are in search for Ted Cruz, who is the Texas senator. He is polling after Trump in Iowa. Marco Rubio Florida senator told that campaign of Cruz was constructed on numerous lie that shifts its positions for votes.

The debate was a substantive event. Everything was present there in the event that includes body cameras for the police, Kim Davis, affairs of Bill Clinton, affairs of the veterans, Obamacare, Isis, immigration, Bridgegate, mental illness, Iran, Libya.

When they were talking about shifting the positions, the mediators tried to pin Rubio and Cruz on immigration.

learned in the Republican Debate1The absence of Trump was the first attack. For the majority of the candidates, the debate was the best outing ever. Jed Bush, who is the former Florida governor, was animated in such a way blaming Rubio for having the cut and run on the immigration. Ben Carson, who is a retired neurosurgeon, shared the memorable lines – Putin is known as one horse country: energy and oil.

The entire crowd was seen against Cruz. They were booing him while he tried to take more period from the moderators.

The candidates attacked Clinton and especially Chris Christie (New Jersey governor) was highlighted well when he tried to attack Clinton. Rubio told that he could not wait to run contrary to Hillary and Hillary is not willing to run opposite him.

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Most Candidates Avoid

Trump has skipped the last Republican debate, and it does not look like a right idea. If you have been thinking about that, then you should not think the same way, Donald Trump. It means you are not thinking as the present leader for the Republican nomination.

It is interesting to watch what is behind or running in the brain of Trump. He had avoided facing some of his opponents like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. It has given them as an opportunity to shine on the stage. It has happened because of the absence of Trump. On the other hand, it also shows that Trump is not worried about the causing crime to voters who trust highest presidential candidate be obligated to the electorate to reply tough questions posted by the moderators apart from voting.

Trump was against the debate, and he was seen at the Drake University. Trump organized after an argument with Fox News. It was organized the same time where he boycotted the Republican debate. Trump told the media that Fox News channel was begging him until the last minute to participate in the debate. Trump commented about the Fox News that they behaved extremely well especially in the final few hours.

What was Trump doing instead of attending the debate? Trump did not take part in the debate organized by the Fox News. He hosted an event to raise money in Iowa for the wounded warriors and veterans. Trump has told his supporters that he would skip the debate. Corey Lewandowski, who is the campaign manager of Trump he would not participate in the debate. The event consists of several real estate developers. They had given money, and it is not clear what was next, to brief appearances from Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Trump received an award at some point. It was an honorary ring. It was given by people who had invited Trump for the event.

There are fellow military comrades and friends of staff sergeant – John Wayne Walding, who is the previous Green Beret, who mislaid a limb in Afghanistan and other members where Trump gave more importance than others. Wayne Walding’s sense of humor was quite good. He told he is going to remain moving as in military it is hard to hit the moving target. On a serious note, he told that being one legged is sucking especially when kids want to play and he could not. Though Trump has not served in the military, he told that military training is the most superior training that should be completed while entering the service.

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Surprised on his Seventy Birthday

Little Oliver Sipes is a normal school grade boy planning big for his birthday. On his seventh birthday, he was surprised to see the cake, and he enjoyed eating it all. Oliver is a great fan of cakes. He is called as cake boss. Last night, he enjoyed the birthday celebrations with his family.

His family has got him a surprise which he could not forget for a lifetime. They have made his drawing into the cake. His imaginative and colorful drawing with swirls, stripes, and Star Wars characters was a big surprise to him. The cake was his imaginary drawing. He was excited, and he did not have words to say.

Oliver’s mom told that he did not know that it was coming, and he has not even asked for it. When he looked the cake at the first sight, he was surprised and delighted. He looked at the sides of the cake and lifted his face up. The moment was adorable. Oliver was so excited which he bent down and looked through the trap door.

His wild imagination has come into reality in the form of cake. It was the effort made his father and colleague and baking fanatic Alyvia Munos. They loved to take the challenge and made it possibly more than the expected manner.