Toddler and Duck

There have been lots of instances of bird and human beings having a friendly relationship. Recently, a friendship between a cute toddler and duck has attracted lots of people. Tyler Young, a lovely adorable, who lives in Magnolia town of Texas, has been always seen together with a duck called Bee. The toddler is 19 months old. The two became bonded after Bee was taken as an indoor pet in the last year. Tyler’s mother Jennifer said that Bee was a new addition to the other existing pet ducks in their home. As of now, her home has 11 ducks, including Bee.

Jennifer said that her husband found this duck when he went out to buy food for other ducks. She said that the duck quickly went to the side of Tyler as soon as it entered the home. The duck always climbed on his shoulder and was always near with the Tyler every time. Tyler was just nine months old at the time when the duck arrived in the home, and he took some time to understand what is happening. Both Bee and Tyler have been playing and watching television together. Jennifer says that Bee supervises when Tyler is in the bath, and also notifies when Tyler woke up in the morning. The relationship between the adorable toddler and duck has simply caught the interest of the neighborhood.

Caught on Video

Lots of amazing and unbelievable things happen in this world. Today, more happenings are coming to light due to the Internet. It has become easy for anyone to shot the video of an incident and post them on the Internet easily. Recently, a couple has posted a video that has caught the attention of many people. Parents from Carolina have posted a video of their toddler, who is seen praying for an hour after being put up in the bed. The parents have said that they have been receiving positive responses for their video from many people across the country. Kathryn Whitt, the mother of the toddler, told she and her husband were teaching the toddler on how to recite night prayers.

On one last Sunday, the couple forgot to count the blessing but then heard the toddler counting the blessing on her own. They were amazed to see that their baby did not forget any name and thanked different people. In the two minute video, posted on the Internet, the toddler is seen telling the names of her aunts, uncles, grandparents, mom, dad, school friends and even Santa-Claus. The toddler finished the prayer by saying Amen and then went to bed. The video has got 168,000 views after it was posted on Facebook.

Tale Tree in his Daughter’s Room

The stories of dads showing their love and affection to their daughters are many. You would have read in the newspapers about how dads have been doing this and that to their daughters. In this line, one dad has been in the news for installing a magical tree in his daughter’s room. Little girls have lots of interests on fairy tales and the magical world.

Rob Adams, who lives in Bellevue of Washington, has constructed a fairy-tale forest for his little daughter who is six years old. The daughter’s name is Lia, who loves to climb the top of the tree and read books inside the tree trunk. He is not the one, who simply loves her daughter, but his son too. He has earlier built an underwater theme for his son’s room. Now, let us get into the technical fact about this fairy tale forest theme.

The whole project of creating fairy tale forest took about 350 hours for completion. This was done by sketching the design on the wall and welding all the shapes. After the initial work was complete, Adams gave the finishing touch using concrete and paint. It took nearly six months for preplanning and nearly 18 months for building.

The cost of materials for constructing the tree cost around $1400 while the cost for entire room was about $4,200. He finished constructing the fairy tale forest theme two days before the Christmas. Dad was very satisfied that his daughter loved the theme and construction. He said that the popularity of his daughter grew after he posted the picture on the Internet.

The fun continues after the daughter went asleep in the night as there are low voltage bulbs that just shine like stars in the sky. Rob Adams, a video game creator and proud father wants to try more projects in future. He said he would work more this kind of projects.